Chinese day for worshipping the deceased – 清明节 Qīngmíngjié

There are two days throughout the year in China dedicated to worshipping the deceased and these match those in Bulgaria as well.

The first day for worshipping the deceased is on April 4th. At this time locals go to a grave, clean it, refresh it and usually plant flowers.

Typically there is food  left on the graves which is the same like in Bulgaria.

Before lunch the relatives of the deceased one pay a visit to the grave and later on they spend time with the family at home. Places where people get entertained are not visited. It is a day entirely devoted in memory of the deceased.

In the evening people set fire on the streets. The fire is surrounded by a circle and open to the East side. East is where the dead rest.

The fire is being ignited with banknotes. Chinese believe by burning money they send this to the dead ones.

There are only relatives around the fire. They do send good thoughts to their lost ones and also remember their good deeds. There are rarely children around.

Here are some Chinese expressions:

清明节 Qīngmíngjié – Qingming – mourning for the deceased or a day to clean the graves and sending good wishes, food and money to the deceased.

清明节 (Qīngmíngjié) – Worshipping to lost souls

清明 (Qīngmíng) – bright, calm, at peace with him/herself

节 (jié) – memorial

节日- (jiérì) – memorial; day off