Chinese Language Skills = Higher employability!

Many westerners are studying at Chinese Universities in Chinese or using Chinese as a working language. Learning foreign language needs a system. Studying Chinese with situational lessons aims to develop your confidence when handle a communication with Chinese. Additionally repetitive vocabulary with continuous upgrading, aims to simulate everyday communication mode and this way raises your confidence with the language.

Learning Chinese is not difficult but different. Therefore there should be a system that makes it possible for learners to acquire confidence with Chinese. Our lessons are structured around convenience, letting the student to concentrate on the must grammar and vocabulary. Our lessons combine repetitive reading, listening and speaking in order to place the fundamentals in order to establish language proficiency. Lessons are concentrated to give you the “must take away” knowledge while encouraging you to overcome the natural pull backs when learning foreign language.


We believe that studying in a group is the best approach towards foreign language. Especially for beginners who need to be exposed to listening in order to get used to with the Chinese tones. Groups are never more than 6 persons as this allows to students and teachers to interact regularly in class.

Single sessions

This classes are tailored towards students that are busy, or have needs to strengthen specific parts of their language skills. Usually busy employees prefer our teachers to come to their office and have class. Others plan to attempt HSK language certificate and need careful check before the exam. Some are scheduled for a business trip and need tailored business skills.