When we learn a foreign language we face many challenges. These challenges have to do with grasping the grammar and the vocabulary features of the particular tongue. However what is important is how we can jump over the language barrier and feel relaxed to communicate.

We normally take a lot of time to acquire even the basic rules. Being on this path we are defeated, switch textbooks, teachers and then get back from where we had started. All of these make us feel exhausted.

Learning foreign language requires diligence, understanding and emotional connection.

EduLab principal mission is to create education which builds on a quality link among all participants – teacher and student. All of these participants in the process are an active component in mastering the foreign language and traditions.

We at EduLab believe in the mission of excellent education that can be delivered in amusing and engaging way. We regard the student has to find his/her own unique method to learn. We believe the student has to always provoke him/herself while gaining knowledge. The teacher and the textbooks should simply inspire and foster a learning process.

Our trainings are enjoyable and structured so that our learners experience a steady and continuous self-confidence. We recognize learning language goes hand in hand with making mistakes, our support, smile and mostly with a desire to explore our bright world.