What students say about us

Ученик Китайски език

While being so busy at work, I could not imagine how I could possibly learn another language even Chinese. Fortunately this was achievable with EduLab online and individual lessons. The lessons are engaging and presented in a very fun way. This eases the Chinese learning. I will strongly recommend EduLab to everyone willing to learn Chinese easily.

Stanislav Peychev / Student
Ученик Китайски език

EduLab covers a variety of topics and for diversity of levels. The whole experience with EduLab was a top notch. I had an extremely quick advancement with EduLab.

Alexandra Ilieva / Student

Learning Chinese has presented me with the opportunity to get to know closely a completely different culture. The opportunity to connect with people around the world is irreplaceable.

Evelina Stoycheva / Student

After a trip to China, I was truly impressed with the Chinese Culture and I decided for myself that I need to get to know it closer. A very close friend of mine recommended that I try EduLab. I contacted EduLab and the staff was helpful and willing to support me in my dream to learn Chinese. What attracted me was the very short and to the point lessons and easy to grasp content. I had fun and I learned conversational Chinese.

Borislav Evgeniev / Student

What our teachers say

Учител по Китайски език

Giang is native Chinese speaker. She was born in Beijing. She has been living in many counties around the world. Giang can teach you slang Chinese and she is also your first guide for understanding the Chinese culture as a whole. Giang is referred as easy to understand when teaching especially from the learner’s viewpoint.

Giang / Teacher

Ivaylo is a native born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has graduated sinology from Sofia University St. Climent Ohridski. He has lived in Beijing for 6 years. He is educational expert in providing you useful and everyday lessons that you will utilize and you will definitely need. He can supply you with great explanations of the grammar and structure of the sentences. Ivaylo will make sure to broaden your experience with EduLab beyond the lessons. In addition Ivaylo has taught Chinese at university in the USA for two years.

Ivaylo / Teacher